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About KommaTrade

Engineering portal

This web directory brings you a wealth of new reliable suppliers in the mechanical engineering industry; all manufacturers with a strong wish to get to know you.
We have designed this portal in such a way, that is easy to navigate and you can quickly find what you are looking for.

You will benefit from the years of careful selection and training of suppliers by our network of like-minded colleagues.
As promoters, we work on behalf of the companies we present. You are free to contact them directly . All communication details are mentioned on the profile pages on our platform.

For any question or request, we are close by and always approachable, we invite you to try our responsiveness.  

Verified suppliers

You may be interested to know where we position ourselves. We promote qualified and verified companies, we have dealt with for many years. Verified means that we have visited our exhibitor regularly and heartedly recommend them to you as new suppliers. Qualified means that we have brought them onto the quality assurance track and prepared them with digital marketing techniques.  
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Engineering portal

First of all, our platform is a specialized display of only producers and exclusively for mechanical engineering products and equipment. You are dealing with a small, but highly specialized and dedicated team of experienced engineers and marketers, supported by young multi-lingual researchers and ICT people: all controlled in one unit. For your interest; over the years we have gathered substantial knowledge and experience to give you valuable advice in outsourcing. You will have full benefit from the fact we have a close contact with each of the companies we present and that should be an assurance for you.